Give You A New Marketing Tool

Thinking of adding videos to your website, distributing a newsletter, producing a flyer or an advertisement? Do it wisely. Among other things, make sure you point to an avenue that you can maintain, even when you experience intense periods, work side. For example, if you want to produce a newsletter, create several contents in advance and plan everything that can be done so that you have a minimum amount of work to do to keep up the pace.

Rethink Your Processes

We often talk about automating specific processes to free up time during which we can do something else. The idea is interesting, but many of us are hesitant to over-automate, for fear of losing personal contact with customers. If this is your case, you can start gradually, including automating some fully transparent administrative processes for your customers. For example, think of billing. There are currently various solutions that allow you to track the time you spend on one or other of your projects and automatically record the time and billable amount on an invoice. Also, you could also automate the delivery of thank you words when you receive a payment. Or install an online sales module from which a series of operations will be triggered to complete the transaction without your intervention. In short, see what areas, among your activities, are likely to eat your time without actually reporting.